Why Anti3

Anti3 was formulated to be the ultimate protection against harmful bacteria that can cause dangerous skin infections such as MRSA, Ringworm, and Impetigo. As an athlete, doctor, nurse, or fitness professional, it is difficult to take time off even when a health-related problem occurs. An athlete missing a tournament due to a bacterial infection would leave a mark on their sports career. Similarly, a child falling ill to a disease such as Impetigo can result in missing school or in extreme cases, they can even end up in the hospital.
Anti3 is a full product line, which means more ways to deodorize and disinfect! Our products give you a way to cleanse clothing, skin, hair, and all types of equipment. Anti3 Protect Series is essentially a one-stop shop for everything you’ll need to eliminate odors and protect against germs. Having a full product line ensures that you are safe from harmful bacteria and germs in all aspects of your life.
Additionally, we offer EPA registered disinfectants. Both our Equipment Spray and Concentrate Cleaner will effectively disinfect and deodorize any equipment that cannot be put in the washing machine. Being EPA registered ensures that our products are not just masking odors, but completely eliminating them. This also guarantees that our Equipment Spray and Concentrate Cleaner are killing germs and bacteria. Thanks to our EPA registration you can rest assured that our products are doing their job in keeping you and your family safe and infection-free.
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Some More Reasons Why You'll Love Anti3

Our products won’t destroy expensive equipment

Our products will not leave a residue on surfaces

Our laundry detergent is safe on all fabrics

All of our products kill odors!