Where To Use

At Home

Having trouble finding the source of that funky smell? Try checking you or your child's gym bag! While gym bags are normally hard to wash, Anti3 Equipment Spray makes deodorizing and disinfecting easier than ever. Even if the source of the smell is the equipment inside the gym bag, we have you covered. Use the Equipment Spray to deodorize and disinfect all of the smelly equipment that cannot be put in the washing machine.

Athletic sneakers and other shoes can also become very odorous over time and it isn't likely that you're putting these items in the washing machine. However, Anti3 Equipment Spray can be used on smelly shoes, this easy-to-use spray doesn’t just mask odors, it destroys them.

Additionally, use Anti3 Protect Series Laundry Detergent at home on uniforms and jerseys that can become dirty and smelly. The Laundry Detergent is even safe in all washing machines!

Pro Tip: Use the Equipment Spray in your car to easily disinfect and deodorize.

At The Gym

If you work out at a gym then you are at a very high risk for skin infections since sweat carries bacteria that can pass infections to others. Our equipment Spray disinfects equipment found in gyms such as weights, workout benches, treadmills, bikes, and other large workout equipment that can become infected with bacteria and other illness-causing germs.

Mats are another area in a gym that put people at high risk for contracting skin infections. Blood, sweat, and saliva that are found on gym mats can easily spread dangerous skin infections such as Staph and Ringworm. The Anti3 Concentrate Cleaner is formulated to be used on large surfaces such as mats, killing the harmful bacteria. Using our Pump Sprayer, this formula can be easily and efficiently administered to large surface areas.

For further protection, the Anti3 Protect Series Foaming Dry Wash is the perfect addition to a gym. Dispensers placed throughout the space to allow people to quickly cleanse their skin with the Foaming Dry Wash after using the workout equipment. This gives them peace of mind when working out and further diminishes their risk of contracting an illness.

At School

Kids are more susceptible to getting sick due to undeveloped immune systems. This puts teachers and other educational professionals at risk of missing work and kids of missing school. This is why placing Anti3 Foaming Dry Wash dispensers throughout classrooms and the school can be extremely beneficial to the health of everyone.

Where do kids spend most of their time in the classroom? At their desk! This means that plenty of bacteria and germs live right at their desk. By using the Equipment Spray to disinfect a student's desk you can minimize their risk of contracting or spreading an illness.

The Anti3 line of products is also great for use on school gym equipment to ensure each item is disinfected before each use. This helps to prevent skin infections, which can easily spread once one child is infected.

Pro Tip: Use the Equipment Spray on your child's book bag to deodorize and disinfect any germs they may have brought home.

For Sports

If your child plays team sports, then it is not only important for his health but also other children's health that you properly disinfect their equipment. Anti3 Protect Series Equipment Spray can help you to easily disinfect and deodorize various sports equipment such as helmets, gloves, and protective padding.

Does your child have a tournament and won't have time to shower in between games? Then give them the Anti3 Protect Series Foaming Dry Wash. This cleanser is gentle enough on the skin for frequent use making it the perfect option to make sure your child is clean even at a tournament.

Once your little athlete finally gets home after a tough practice or workout, they should shower right away. The Anti3 Protect Series Natural Hair & Body Wash is made of naturally derived ingredients such as Tea Tree Oil, which means your child will be cleansed of dirt and grime, but their skin won't dry out.
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