USC QB Cody Kessler reportedly has procedure on toe for staph infection, misses practice

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USC QB Cody Kessler reportedly has procedure on toe for staph infection, misses practice

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USC quarterback Cody Kessler did not practice Tuesday because he underwent a procedure on his toe for a staph infection. Kessler spent at least one night in a hospital and received an injection before the Fresno State game.

The pain returned after the game, however, and Kessler was limping. It is not known if Kessler contracted the staph infection at USC, because he is currently the only player suffering from it. Last year, safety Gerald Bowman underwent surgery on his arm for a staph infection.

“He had a deal with his toe that had been bothering him throughout the ballgame,” Sarkisian said of Kessler. “We felt like we wanted to take care of it sooner rather than later.

“This morning was the first chance we could have a procedure done to get it, in our opinion, cleaned up. It obviously didn’t affect his play Saturday.”

Kessler said he will return to practice today. If the pain persists, he might need another injection before the Stanford game.

“I’m fine,” Kessler said. “It’s just my toe.”

Without Kessler, freshman Max Browne took most of the snaps during practice Tuesday. Browne said he believed he was ready to run the offense despite being clearly behind Kessler.

“I feel like I know the game plan,” Browne said. “I’ve been preparing since the day I got here.”

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USC quarterback Cody Kessler missed practice Tuesday for a procedure on his toe because of staph infection, according to sources. (Michael Owen Baker/Staff Photographer)