The Importance Of Wiping Down Gym Equipment

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The Importance Of Wiping Down Gym Equipment


It may be obvious to most, but it is very easy to forget that germs are lurking on every surface. Specifically in the middle of an intense work out, you most likely are not focusing on the fact that harmful bacteria, fungus and other germs can be spreading to your body. This is why you should be wiping your equipment down after every use even at home.

According to a study commissioned by Fit Rated, an exercise equipment company, found that the amount of germs on gym equipment is more alarming than you may have thought. EMLab P&K, an environmental testing group, tested 27 pieces of gym equipment at 3 different gyms. They found that free weights contained 362 times more bacteria than a public toilet. While not all the bacteria found to be on the exercise equipment was dangerous to a person’s health, there was plenty cause for alarm. With the tests finding that a third of the bacteria was what is known as gram-negative rods, which are harmful to humans.

If you want to avoid harmful skin infections you don’t have to completely give up going to the gym and lifting weights, but you should be consistently disinfecting after using equipment. This may just include using a skin disinfectant or wiping down any equipment you use.

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