The Destruction Of Hurricane Harvey Continues As Reports of Harmful Bacterial Infections Rise

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December 13, 2017
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The Destruction Of Hurricane Harvey Continues As Reports of Harmful Bacterial Infections Rise


Category 4 hurricane, Hurricane Harvey, hit Texas this past August earning its reputation as the costliest tropical cyclone on record by causing massive amounts of destruction as it took its course. Harvey’s destruction was obvious with floodwaters leaving residents waist deep in filth and houses destroyed. With reports of Flesh-Eating Bacterial Infections on the rise as a result of the high bacteria content of floodwaters, residents are seeing the impact of Hurricane Harvey, months later.

According to the New York Times article, Flesh-Eating Bacteria’ Causes 2nd Death in Texas Since Hurricane Harvey, there have been two reported cases of death due to necrotizing fasciitis since Hurricane Harvey battered the region. Necrotizing fasciitis is commonly known as a ‘flesh-eating’ bacterial infection that can easily enter the body through open wounds. This infection spreads quickly and kills the body’s soft tissues, states the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). According to the CDC, necrotizing fasciitis can be generally mild depending on which bacterium causes it, however, in cases of this rare disease the bacteria infects the connective tissue that surrounds the muscles, nerves, fat and blood vessels. Once the bacteria start to spread rapidly while killing tissue, the infection is very serious and can cause amputation of limbs or death.

In order to prevent bacterial infections such as necrotizing fasciitis, the CDC states that proper wound care is essential. The CDC suggests keeping open wounds covered with clean bandages, to not delay first aid even for a minor wound, to avoid spending time in public swimming areas if you have an open wound or infection, and to wash hands often with soap and warm water or a disinfecting sanitizer if washing is not possible.

If you believe you have contracted necrotizing fasciitis then urgent diagnosis and treatment are vital. The CDC lists some of the warning signs, which include, fever, chills, fatigue, and vomiting combined with wounds that are swollen or surrounded by redness/purple spots. If you believe you may be infected receiving a prompt diagnosis from a professional is important and can reduce the risk of losing limbs or death.

While Anti3 Protect Series cannot treat any bacterial infections, this line of disinfectants can be used as a way to safeguard you from contracting an infection. Since the most common way to contract a harmful bacterial infection is through open wounds and one of the easiest ways to get wounded is through sports, disinfecting sporting equipment is necessary. Anti3 Protect Series Equipment Spray is easy-to-use and can cleanse your gear of any harmful bacteria, fungus, or other germs. Even without access to a sink for washing purposes, it is essential to disinfect your hands. Anti3 Protect Series Foaming Dry Wash can be used for the purpose of cleaning hands and skin when there is no access to a shower or sink. Prevention is key when it comes to harmful bacterial infections such as necrotizing fasciitis and Anti3 Protect Series can help safeguard you from contracting an infection that can be life-threatening or life-altering.