Breathe Out Harmful Bacteria With Anti3 Protect Series

Yoga is becoming a widely popular form of exercise with people using it as a means to relax, stay in shape and even treat certain ailments. While most forms of yoga do not require contact with other people, yogis can definitely come into contact with harmful bacteria while practicing.

Most types of yoga only require a mat to use as padding when practicing different poses however there is plenty of other yoga equipment. This can include blocks, which are used as support when stretching as well as blankets to support the head when lying down. Yoga equipment can become infested with bacteria especially if you are practicing in a public setting and even more so if you are using a gym or studio’s equipment opposed to your own. In order to kill bacteria that can be lurking on your yoga equipment Anti3 Protect Series offers an Equipment Spray that acts as a yoga mat disinfectant. Yogis can easily spray this on their mats or any other equipment so they can enjoy their lesson and relax without the fear of harmful skin infections. For protection and freshening up after an intense yoga lesson, yogis can utilize Anti3 Protect Series’ disinfecting sanitizer. This Foaming Dry Wash is the perfect quick way to freshen up after a yoga class if you don’t have access to a shower immediately after. The wash kills bacteria and fungus, but still moisturizes the skin. Yoga clothes are also prone to bacteria as they absorb sweat and make contact with the equipment. Anti3 Protect Series disinfecting Laundry Detergent is the perfect way to keep clothes fresh and bacteria-free.
We know that those who practice Yoga value a healthy and organic lifestyle. This is why Anti3’s Organic Body wash is ideal for yogis to wash away any bacteria and sweat they obtained during their lesson. With bacteria-killing ingredients, you can use the Hair and Body Wash to protect yourself from any harmful skin infections while still maintaining an organic lifestyle.

Yoga is meant for relaxing and those who practice this amazing exercise should only focus on the pose they’re in not bacteria. Anti3 Protect Series ensures that yoga lovers can continue to do what they love.