Wrestling mats are usually swimming with bacteria being that they are constantly covered in sweat, saliva and sometimes, even blood. This creates the perfect circumstances for bacteria and fungus to spread from opponent to opponent. Wrestlers are at high risk to contract Staph, MRSA, MAT Herpes and Impetigo, which is why it is crucial that wrestling mats are cleansed and disinfected daily.

Anti3 Protect Series Concentrate formula offers an easy way to clean wrestling mats and keeps them safe to use for everyone. Anti3 Protect Series disinfecting and deodorizing Concentrate kills bacteria and fungus. The Concentrate just needs to be diluted by water, placed into a spray pump and then sprayed onto the mats. Anti3 Protect Series Equipment Spray can be used to disinfect wrestling gear such as headgear to help safeguard wrestlers even further. These products act as an antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial, cleansing and freshening the equipment so they can be used safely.

In a sport such as wrestling, which has athletes grappling on the same mat for the entirety of a match it is important that equipment is properly disinfected. Anti3 Protect Series focuses on the importance of keeping athletes healthy and infection-free so they can continue to enjoy the sport they love.