A popular sport environment is the turf field because it is much easier to maintain than a grass field, it’s durable and it allows for easier sports play. However it is still an environment where sweat, blood and saliva lives and will stay unless cleaned properly. Disinfecting turf fields is vital to the safety of the athletes and an important preventative measure that should be taken to protect them from harmful infections such as Staph, MRSA, Ringworm, Impetigo and more. Anti3 Protect Series offers a turf field disinfectant that will remove that risk allowing athletes to focus on their game.

Anti3 Protect Series disinfecting Concentrate is formulated for facilities such as turf fields. Simply use a spray pump containing the Concentrate diluted with water and spray all over the turf field. This deodorizing and disinfecting formula will kill the bacteria that were left from the game before and prepare the field for the next team to use it safely without risk of infections. Don’t let poorly disinfected fields not only ruin an athlete’s health, but also their love of the sport.