Teach Your Class About Being Bacteria and Fungus Free With Anti3 Protect Series

When you think of the occupation whose employees are sick most often you may think of teachers. They are continuously exposed to germs since they are surrounded by those most susceptible to germs, children. Despite being sick many times throughout the year, teachers do not have the luxury to take off as often as they are sick. This is why they need protection from germs and bacteria that could jeopardize their ability to teach.

Anti3 Protect Series offers a line of antibacterial cleansers, which kill germs that cause various illnesses. When a teacher comes into contact with a sick child by getting sneezed on or coughed on it is important for them to quickly disinfect to avoid being infected. Anti3 Protect Series disinfecting sanitizer is the perfect way to quickly kill bacteria that you may have been exposed to. This easy-to-use antibacterial and antifungal foam can be used directly on your skin to moisturize, freshen and disinfect. To protect your whole classroom from being prone to illness, Anti3 Protect Series offers a dispenser for the Foaming Dry Wash, which allows your whole classroom to disinfect. For clothing that has been consistently exposed to germs throughout the day, Anti3 Protect Series disinfecting Laundry Detergent is the perfect way to deeply clean and refresh clothing after a long germ-filled day.

Teaching today’s youth and helping to create a promising future for everyone, teachers deserve a way to protect themselves from germs and bacteria. Anti3 Protect Series’ line of antibacterial and antifungal cleansers is the perfect way to disinfect after a day of being sneezed, coughed and drooled on.