Kick Out Harmful Bacteria With Anti3 Protect Series 

Soccer is typically a constant action sport with minimal breaks in between leaving players sweaty and smelly. The worst culprit of odors and bacteria on a soccer player lurks in the shin guards, which are a pain to wash. Anti3 Protect Series has a simpler solution: disinfecting and anti-fungal Equipment Spray. Simply spray shin guards and cleats and kill odors and bacteria that cause MRSA, Staph and Athlete’s Foot.

Anti3 Protect Series acts as a goalie blocking any shots infectious diseases take at soccer players. If you’re a soccer goalie and need protection from stinky bacteria infected gloves, then Anti 3 Foaming Dry Wash is perfect for you! Disinfect, freshen and even moisturize your hands. Other opponents of Soccer players are grass stains and mud, but Anti3 Protect Series antifungal and disinfecting laundry detergent fights off stains and bacteria leaving jerseys clean.

Open wounds, cuts and scrapes are ideal conditions for infectious bacteria to enter the body and these conditions are very common in Soccer. Keep yourself protected with Anti3 Protect Series!