Schools are one of bacteria’s favorite places to hang out. Since children have an underdeveloped immune system they easily get sick and then spread that sickness to other children and even teachers. School is an important time in a child’s life and they should not miss out on important lessons due to contacting an illness or harmful skin infection. Anti3 Protect Series offers a line of disinfectants that will kill bacteria and safeguard children and teachers.

Anti3 Protect Series disinfecting Equipment Spray can be used on desks to kill bacteria that may be lurking from a sick child. This spray can also be used on gym equipment as well as playgrounds. For school gymnasiums, Anti3 Protect Series’ disinfecting concentrate formula will kill the bacteria and germs that easily spread on the hardwood floors. The Concentrate can be mixed with water in a mop bucket or diluted with water in a spray pump. By covering the gym floors with Anti3 Protect Series schools become an antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial environment for children. For a quicker way to allow children to disinfect their skin when they come into contact with bacteria, Anti3 Protect Series Foaming Dry Wash is a sanitizer that is gentle enough for sensitive skin, but strong enough to kill germs. Anti3 Protect Series also offers dispensers for easy access to the antibacterial Foaming Dry Wash, which can be placed throughout the school to ensure everyone can stay disinfected.

School is a place where children go to learn and without schools our future would be a very dull one. Anti3 Protect Series is dedicated to ensuring teachers, children and staff do not miss out on school due to sickness or harmful skin infections. Anti3 Protect Series’ line of disinfectants are formulated for environments like schools and ensure that children can focus on reaching their full potential.