The number one priority of a restaurant next to making delicious food for their customers is to keep their facility clean and spotless. When restaurants aren’t clean health inspectors will shut them down, customers will be disgusted and basically, the business will fail. Anti3 Protect Series’ line of disinfectants is formulated to kill bacteria and germs that lurk in restaurants ensuring the business succeeds and customers are safe.

Anti3 Protect Series Equipment Spray is a disinfectant that can be used on furniture such as chairs and tables to kill bacteria. The Equipment spray should be sprayed directly on smaller surfaces to kill bacteria, fungus and odor. For larger surfaces such as floors of restaurants, Anti3 Protect Series Concentrate is a disinfecting and deodorizing cleanser. Simply dilute the Concentrate with water and put into a spray pump or mop bucket then cover the floor with the solution to kill bacteria. The Concentrate will kill germs and bacteria on the floors throughout the restaurant keeping patrons infection free.

With online reviews becoming a huge part of running a successful restaurant business it is imperative that restaurants maintain a clean environment for customers because no one wants to eat in a dirty restaurant. Anti3 Protect Series Equipment Spray and Concentrate are perfect for keeping restaurants disinfected and ensuring a bad review about cleanliness doesn’t destroy a business’ reputation.