Put Bacteria and Fungus In a Guillotine
With Anti3 Protect Series

One of the most physical sports in existence MMA or Mixed Martial Arts is a full contact sport that focuses on the combat between two fighters. In any MMA match blood and sweat are strewn across the ring creating an environment perfect for bacteria and fungus to spread rapidly.

As an MMA fighter it is vital to keep equipment and bodies clean and disinfected to avoid harmful skin infections such as Staph, MRSA, Ringworm, Athlete’s Foot and MAT Herpes. Anti3 Protect Series offers a line of disinfecting cleansers that will shield fighters from bacteria and fungus. Anti3 Protect Series’ disinfecting Equipment Spray can be sprayed on mats and punching bags to kill bacteria, fungus and odor. Since MMA fighters do not have much gear shielding them from hits it is even more so important for them to keep their skin clean. Anti3’s sanitizing foam wash is perfect to quickly disinfect after a match keeping skin bacteria free while also killing odors.

Although MMA fighter do not wear much clothing during a match it is still vital for them to keep their clothing sweat and blood free for the safety of the fighter and the fighter’s opponent. Anti3 Protect Series Laundry Detergent is tough enough to remove any lingering bacteria while freshening clothes so they are ready for the next fight. For the fighter that needs further cleansing after a gritty match, Anti3 Protect Series disinfecting Hair and Body Wash is ideal. Rid the body of harmful bacteria so you can be in healthy for your next match.

Anti3 Protect Series understands that MMA fighters take some hard hits so we want to protect you from any hits harmful bacteria may take.