Hip Check Bacteria With Anti3 Protect Series

It may be called Ice Hockey, but sweat is a huge player in this sport. Along with sweat comes odor and bacteria and with a high-contact sport like Ice Hockey players are left vulnerable to skin infections.

Ice Hockey is a sport that is accompanied by loads of equipment and I’m sure any hockey player would agree that keeping their gear clean is a hassle. With Anti3 Protect Series Equipment Spray this process becomes easier than ever before! Simply spray your equipment including skates, pads, helmets and sticks; Anti3 will leave your gear fresh, odor-free and most importantly free of infection-causing bacteria. Hockey players have their hands in gloves for the entirety of a game leaving hands sweaty, smelly and bacteria infested. Luckily Anti3 Protect Series offers a way to kill bacteria while moisturizing and freshening hands. If you take some of the rink stink home with you then Anti3 Protect Series Organic Hair and Body Wash is a great anti-fungal and disinfectant that will wash away the bacteria left on your body.

With Hockey players constantly at risk of gashes and other open lacerations the chances of harmful skin infections are high. Think of Anti3 Protect Series as an extra set of pads that protect you in and out of the rink from harmful infections such as Staph, MRSA, Ringworm and Athlete’s Foot!