Hike Past Bacteria and Fungus With Anti3 Protect Series

Hiking is a great workout; it’s peaceful and clears the mind. While hiking it is important that you take a decent amount of gear along to ensure that you are comfortable and adequately hydrated, this can include backpacks, boots, gloves and more. A long intense hike can be sweaty and muddy encouraging the spread of bacteria and fungus, which is why it is crucial that hikers keep all their gear disinfected.

Anti3 Protect Series offers a line of equipment cleansers that will disinfect hiking gear so they remain safe to use. Hikers can use the Anti3 Protect Series Equipment spray on their boots, backpacks, hats and gloves to disinfect as well as to deodorize after a particularly intense hike. If you are camping and staying overnight in between hikes and don’t have access to a shower then Anti3 Protect Series Foaming Dry Wash is great sanitizer that is gentle on skin, removes dirt and kill bacteria. If you encountered a lot of mud on your hike then Anti3 Protect Series offers an antibacterial Laundry Detergent, which can remove mud stains and kill bacteria left on clothing so they are safe to wear again on your next trip.

Hikes are a peaceful form of physical activity, but no hiker truly wants to take mud or bacteria home with them after a hike. Let Anti3 Protect Series focus on killing bacteria and fungus so you can focus on nature.