Two of the most common pieces of sports equipment are helmets and gloves. Helmets are required to protect the most important body part, the head. Without helmets athletes would be even more prone to concussions and serious head injuries. Gloves are equally important because they protect an athlete’s hands in sports that require them to utilize their hands often. Important equipment such as helmets and gloves deserve a strong disinfectant and deodorizer so they can continue to protect athletes.

Anti3 Protect Series disinfecting Equipment Spray is formulated to kill bacteria and fungus that may be left in gloves or helmets. Athletes can simply spray the equipment disinfectant over hockey helmets, baseball/softball helmets, lacrosse helmets, baseball gloves, goalie gloves and more to kill bacteria and deodorize. Anti3 Protect Series makes cleaning equipment easier than before.

Without powerful disinfectants athletes who rely on helmets and gloves to protect them during a game would be at risk for harmful skin infections such as Staph, MRSA, and other diseases. Not only are these athletes at risk for skin infections, but also their gear can become odor ridden. With Anti3 Protect Series these athletes can now focus on their game and not worry about being infected by harmful bacteria and fungus or distracted by strong odors.