Gyms are where people go to get in shape, train and even relieve stress. The great part of gyms is there is a variety of equipment so there are options for everyone, however this can also be dangerous for gym-goers. With so much equipment and many different people utilizing it bacteria and fungus is sure to spread from person to person. Anti3 Protect Series’ line of disinfectants can keep gym patrons safe from harmful skin infections such as Staph, MRSA, Ringworm, MAT Herpes and more.

It is vital that gyms are kept clean and disinfected for those using the equipment. Anti3 Protect Series offers a disinfecting and deodorizing Equipment Spray that can be used on equipment such as bikes, treadmills, weights and more. This equipment disinfectant can be directly sprayed on surfaces and kills harmful bacteria that can cause skin infections as well as deodorizes. For larger surfaces such as mats, Anti3 Protect Series Concentrate formula is perfect for killing bacteria and fungus that puts athletes at risk for dangerous infections such as MAT Herpes, Staph or Ringworm. Simply dilute the Concentrate formula with water, put the solution into a spray pump and spray on mats or other large surfaces. To further protect gym patrons from harmful bacteria, Anti3 Protect Series offers dispensers for the Foaming Dry Wash. This sanitizer can be used after a workout to kill any bacteria they may be lurking on someone’s hands protecting the equipment and the people that use it. By installing dispensers, gyms are ensuring that everyone remains skin infection free and healthy.

When someone goes to a gym they are trying to live a healthier lifestyle, they should not be put at risk for a skin infection. To carefully eradicate bacteria, fungus and odors gyms should use Anti3 Protect Series to disinfect their equipment and keep gym patrons healthy.