Flip Over Bacteria and Fungus With Anti3 Protect Series

Gymnastics requires dedication, endurance and flexibility. With gymnasts being some of the most in-shape athletes, they are sure to break a sweat and with shared mats the spread of harmful bacteria is bound to occur. Anti3 Protect Series line of antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial cleansers helps clean gymnast equipment to safeguard gymnasts from harmful skin infections.

Gymnasts have to utilize a variety of equipment such as mats, bars and beams in order to perform. Every gymnast throughout a competition shares these mats and bars, which is why it is important that they stay disinfected. Anti3 Protect Series disinfecting Equipment Spray can easily be sprayed on bars, in gym bags, on balance beams and other equipment to kill bacteria and odors. For larger surface areas Anti3 Protect Series Concentrate is a disinfectant and deodorizer that will kill bacteria and prevent it from spreading to athletes. Simply place the Concentrate into a spray pump, dilute it with water then spray onto the surface. To quickly disinfectant in between routines, Anti3 Protect Series Foaming Dry Wash is gentle enough to use on skin, but tough enough to kill bacteria. Using equipment with minimal to no protective gear exposes Gymnasts to harmful bacteria, but Anti3 Protect Series can help diminish that risk so they can focus on their routine.

Anti3 Protect Series understands that Gymnasts are dedicated athletes who do not have the time to miss practice or competition due to a skin infection such as Staph, MRSA, Ringworm, MAT Herpes or Athlete’s Foot. This is why Anti3 Protect Series’ line of disinfectants is formulated for athletes that are dedicated to their sport, keeping them safe from harmful bacteria so they do not lose focus.