Tackle Harmful Bacteria With Anti3 Protect Series

One of the most popular sports in America, football is also a sport with the highest level of contact. When a sport is very contact driven this usually means there is more equipment used to protect the athlete. So while football players are protecting themselves from hard hits and concussions little do they know one of their most dangerous opponents is lurking in their smelly equipment and gear.

This is where Anti3 Protect Series comes into play, protecting Football players from Staph infections, MRSA and even Athlete’s Foot. Anti3 offers a line of easy-to-use products that kill odors, bacteria and fungus. With Anti3’s easy-to-use Equipment spray, Football players just need to spray their helmets, pads and bags to rid them of odor and bacteria. For the Football player that wears gloves Anti3’s Dry Wash is perfect to disinfect hands while still moisturizing and freshening them. Have helmet hair? Anti3 Protect Series disinfecting, anti-fungal and Organic Hair & Body Wash is ready to tackle any bacteria you may take home with you. I think any parent of a Football player would agree that it only takes one tackle to stain a jersey. Off the field is when Anti3 Protect Series Laundry Detergent becomes the MVP, killing bacteria and freshening jerseys, socks and wraps.

Football players can rely on Anti3 Protect Series products to be their Linemen protecting them from harmful skin infections such as Ringworm, Staph, MRSA and Athlete’s Foot.