Grand jete´ Away From Bacteria and Fungus
With Anti3 Protect Series

Dance is a beautiful form of physical activity, one that requires grace, stamina and focus. With leaps, flips and various dance moves, dancers are often coming into direct contact with the floor. This puts dancers at risk of harmful bacteria and fungus, which can cause Staph, MRSA and more. Anti3 Protect Series offers a way for dancers to disinfect and clean their equipment to prevent skin infections.

Although dancers do not require much equipment their skin is still directly exposed to floors that are often covered in sweat. Anti3 Protect Series Concentrate can be used on dance floors and stages to ensure dancers are safe from infections. The disinfecting and deodorizing Concentrate can be diluted in water and placed into a spray pump then sprayed over surfaces. For bars, shoes and gym bags that also require disinfecting, Anti3 Protect Series Equipment Spray cleans and deodorizes dance equipment. These products safeguard dancers from exposure to harmful bacteria that can jeopardize their love of dance.