Get Pumped With Anti3 Protect Series

Crossfit has become one of the more popular ways to get into shape. Crossfit athletes dedicate much of their time to this form of physical activity, working out at the gym of their choice or at home for hours. However, Crossfit equipment is one of the biggest habitats for bacteria that cause harmful skin infections. Whether it is at public gyms or at home, your workout equipment can be inhabited by thousands of bacteria that could be harmful to your health and your passion for Crossfit.

Using Crossfit workout equipment to stay in shape is a great way to ensure that each part of your body is receiving adequate attention. However, at gyms, moving from workout machine to workout machine can put you at high risk for harmful skin infections such as MRSA, Ringworm and Staph infection. Anti3 Protect Series offers a way to kill bacteria after your workout to avoid contracting skin infections. Anti3 Protect Series Dry Wash is a disinfecting sanitizer that is gentle on skin, but kills harmful bacteria that may have made its way onto your skin after a workout. Not only does it kill bacteria and fungus, but it will also kill those tough workout odors.

For all the Crossfit workout equipment Anti3 Protect Series offers a way to cleanse equipment of harmful bacteria and fungus. Crossfit involves a lot of equipment such as racks, tires and of course weights. Anti3 Protect Series’ gym equipment disinfectant spray is an easy way to clean Crossfit equipment keeping you safe from skin infections. Simply spray the Equipment Spray all over workout equipment and continue your workout regime; this spray will kill bacteria and odors keeping the gym and your gear smelling fresh no matter how hard you work out.

Don’t let the fear of touching Crossfit equipment keep you from working out and living a healthy lifestyle. Anti3 Protect Series will keep bacteria and fungus away from you so you can continue to lift, run, climb and sweat without fear of skin infections.