Any type of sport that involves fighting can result in the ring being covered in sweat, saliva and blood. This type of environment encourages the spread of bacteria and fungus that can cause dangerous skin infections such as Staph, MRSA, Ringworm and MAT Herpes. This is why it is immensely important that rings are kept disinfected. Anti3 Protect Series offers a way to ensure that athletes are safe from infections that can spread through the ring.

Anti3 Protect Series Concentrate Formula is a powerful ring disinfectant that will kill the bacteria and fungus that remain after a fight. Just dilute the disinfecting Concentrate formula with water and place the solution in a spray pump. Spray the ring with the disinfectant to kill any bacteria or fungus that may cause skin infections. To further protect athletes, Anti3 Protect Series Foaming Dry Wash can be used in between matches to protect both fighters from the spread of bacteria through sweat or blood. By putting dispensers throughout the gym athletes and others that come into contact with the ring can quickly disinfect and deodorize to prevent skin infections such as Staph, MRSA, Ringworm and more.

Boxing or MMA Rings are a prime location for harmful bacteria and fungus to spread to unsuspecting fighters. That’s where Anti3 Protect Series comes in, protecting and preventing harmful skin infections in athletes. They can focus on the sport they love without the fear of getting sick.