Knockout Bacteria and Fungus With Anti3 Protect Series

Boxing is as true of a contact sport as they get. The whole concept of Boxing is that you get more points depending on how well you make contact with your opponent, which means Boxers are very prone to skin infections. The best way to prevent harmful skin infections that are caused by bacteria and fungus is to disinfect equipment.

Anti3 Protect Series offers equipment disinfecting spray, which will fight off bacteria and fungus that causes harmful infections. Boxers can use this antifungal and antibacterial equipment spray on their gloves and headgear to kill bacteria while also ridding them of odors. With a high contact sport there is sure to be sweat, saliva and blood found in the ring, which is the perfect environment for harmful bacteria and fungus to spread to unsuspecting Boxers leaving then exposed to Staph, MRSA, Ringworm and more. Anti3’s antifungal and antiseptic Body Wash is perfect for ridding Boxers of any bacteria and fungus they take home from the ring. However, if a boxer doesn’t have immediate access to a shower then Ant3 Protect Series Foaming Dry Wash can help them stop the infestation of bacteria in its tracks. A foaming disinfectant perfect to wipe down the body right after a match, the Dry Wash ensures bacteria doesn’t spread and cause infections.

Anti3 Protect Series line of disinfecting and odor killing products will defend you from any hit bacteria takes at you so you can focus on the action in the ring.