About State Wars Hockey "SWH"

Signature Statement of State Wars Hockey, Inc The goal of State Wars Hockey is to provide a competitive geographically structured national roller hockey event that gives selected participants a feeling of pride and honor to represent their home state or province.

Governed by the United States Roller Hockey Commission (USRHC) and guided by experienced and motivated coaches, roller hockey players of the same birth year are given the opportunity to tryout for their state and provincial team, which will compete at State Wars for the United States Roller Hockey Championship.

With the leadership and experience of its founders and developers, State Wars will increase the growth of roller hockey throughout the United States and Canada.
State Wars is the major roller hockey event that takes place every summer where all of the state and provincial teams will compete for the United States Roller Hockey Championship. State Wars is the one awesome event that all the players who tryout for their state or provincial team are trying to make. If you make your state or provincial team then you are considered the best within your division and your state/province. You will then begin to practice and train for State Wars with your state/provincial team and coach. You will go onto www.statewarshockey.com and view your own player profile as well as the profile of all the other players who make their state teams. You will know who you are playing against even before you get to State Wars. Your team will strategically prepare for State Wars because it is a once in a lifetime opportunity for all those who make it. Remember, you choose to go to your state/provincial tryouts but you are selected to go to State Wars. It is an honor to represent your state/province so bring your "A" game to tryouts. All players are given a fair and equal chance to be selected by the unbiased United State Roller Hockey Commission (USRHC).


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