Research Finds That MRSA Infection Impacts The Lymphatic Function

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Research Finds That MRSA Infection Impacts The Lymphatic Function

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MRSA infection is a more serious skin infection that can be fatal due to its antibiotic resistant behavior. While the horrors of MRSA are obvious, recent studies conducted by Massachusetts General Hospital found that the infection also impairs the ability of lymphatic vessels to pump lymphatic fluid to lymph nodes in mouse models, which can cause recurrence of the infection. Basically, even once you rid yourself of the infection you still continue to be impacted and are at a higher risk to contract MRSA again.

The Medical Press quotes Timothy Padea, Ph.D., of Steele Laboratories for Tumor Biology in the MGH Department of Radiation Oncology; “We found that MRSA produces toxins that kill the muscle cells critical to the pumping of lymph.” The researchers found in their studies on the mouse models that the infection cleared in 30 days with associated inflammation disappearing within 60 days, however, the lymphatic vessels in MRSA-infected tissues still showed abnormalities.

This is why it is vital that you take care to disinfect equipment and cleanse your skin, particularly after a workout. This goes even more so for athletes that are using a shared surface such as wrestlers or cheerleaders. Mats and turf fields should be frequently disinfected because bacteria, fungus, and other germs fester in the materials creating an unsafe environment. Anti3 Protect Series Concentrate Formula is ideal for use on large surfaces such as mats and turf fields, by using the Spray Pump the disinfectant is easily administered over the whole surface. For equipment and gear, Anti3 Protect Series Equipment Spray is formulated to cleanse, deodorize, and disinfect leaving them safe for use.

The key to avoiding MRSA infection is to take preventative care. Ensure that you are cleansing your skin post workout, that you are disinfecting equipment, and large surface areas. Once you contract MRSA infection you are impacted for the rest of your life with a constant risk of recurrence, the Anti3 Protect Series line of products can help protect you from the risk of contracting this dangerous infection.