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June 14, 2018
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Super Show Starter Pack


iLoveKickboxing Starter Package.


The perfect way to start keeping your clients free of infections, the Anti3 Starter Pack has everything you need to kill bacteria and other germs that can cause MRSA, Staph, Impetigo, MAT Herpes and other harmful infections.

Start off by disinfecting equipment such as punching bags, protective headgear, boxing gloves, etc. with a full case of Anti3 Protect Series disinfecting deodorizing Equipment Spray. This case includes 12 bottles of Equipment Spray, which will kill any lurking bacteria, other germs and odors in your Equipment making them safe for anyone to use.

For a quick and easy way for clients to disinfect and refresh their skin immediately after coming into contact with sweat or saliva, Anti3 Protect Series Foaming Dry Wash is a sanitizer that kills bacteria and other germs while freshening skin. The Starter Pack comes with 2 gallons of Foaming Dry Wash, which can be easily administered using the 3 dispensers provided. These dispensers can be placed throughout your iLoveKickboxing facility allowing clients to remain infection free even when they don’t have immediate access to a shower.

For larger surfaces such as mats, bathroom floors, and more, the Anti3 Starter Pack includes 1 gallon of disinfecting Concentrate. This powerful formula is ideal for cleansing surfaces of blood, sweat, saliva and ridding them of dangerous bacteria and other germs. Also included in the Starter Pack is the 1-gallon Sprayer, which can be used to easily administer the Concentrate onto large surfaces with ease. When mats are not properly cleaned they are the perfect place for bacteria to live, potentially causing dangerous infections such as MRSA or MAT Herpes. However, the dynamic duo of the Concentrate and Sprayer acts as a powerhouse killing bacteria and other germs while creating a safer environment for your kickboxing clients.

Not only does the Starter Pack give you everything you need to create an environment free of bacteria and other germs, you can also give your iLoveKickboxing clients the opportunity to keep their personal Equipment safe and odor-free such as their gloves or gym bags. Included free is a Starter Pack Box, which displays the Equipment Spray allowing your clients to purchase this product for personal use. Optionally, for further protection you can purchase bottles of the Foaming Dry Wash for the display box, which your clients can then purchase from your facility.

Now that you have created a safe environment for your clients, you should let everyone know that your iLoveKickboxing gym is a clean, bacteria and germ free environment. Included in the Anti 3 Protect Series Starter Pack is the Anti3 Certified Sticker, which informs everyone that you are using EPA certified, antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti fungal products that protect everyone that joins your iLoveKickboxing gym.

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Weight 680 oz
Dimensions 18 x 18 x 16 in