Local Company Anti3 Donates Cleansing Products To Combat MRSA Epidemic in Long Island Sports

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January 26, 2015
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January 29, 2015

Local Company Anti3 Donates Cleansing Products To Combat MRSA Epidemic in Long Island Sports

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(Long Island, NY) This past week, after hearing about matches being cancelled due to health concerns, the Long Island based company Anti3 protect series donated four cases of their hair and body wash, equipment spray, concentrate and dry wash foaming sanitizer to help protect the wrestlers at Rocky Point High School from anymore Staph/MRSAinfections – and any more missed games.

Assistant Wrestling coach at Rocky Point High School Anthony Ciolino was extremely appreciative, stating “thank you so much. We don’t want to have anymore athletes effected by this. You think you’re doing everything you can by requiring everyone to shower and to always wear clean clothes. I wish we knew about these products sooner.”

From their website: www.anti3protectseries.com.

Anti3-Protect-Series-Dispenser-Designed to Cleanse, Defend, and Prevent, Anti3 Protect Series is formulated for today’s athletes. Providing the ultimate protection against skin infections and keeping you safe from potentially harmful environments, their post-training products are developed to keep your body clean and healthy. Anti3 Protect Series was formulated to give you ultimate protection against skin infections such as staph, ringworm, athlete’s foot, jock itch and impetigo. Their hospital-grade cleansers are antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial.

Co founder and CEO of Anti3 Protect Series Christopher Ferrara said “I have a personal connection to wrestling and I know how these kids feel having their matches cancelled, so If we can help get them back on the mat a little sooner through our efforts than we have succeeded in our goal of giving back to the community”.

Athletes, health & fitness professionals, doctors, nurses, teachers and more count on Anti3 Protect Series to do just that… protect!

So in short, if you:

  • Compete in wrestling, mixed martial arts, jiu-jitsu, CrossFit, football, hockey, lacrosse
  • Work as a health care professional or with an long island marketing company.
  • Are susceptible to skin infections

Then this a product that you should have holstered up in your bacteria fighting arsenal.

For more information about Anti3 Protect Series, visit www.anti3protectseries.com.


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