How To Use


Equipment Spray

Anti3 Protect Series Equipment Spray is ideal for use on helmets, gloves, sneakers, protective padding, and more!

Spray thoroughly over the item you wish to disinfect and deodorize. Once you have administered the spray, let the item dry completely before next use. You will immediately notice that all odors are gone plus this powerhouse formula is killing bacteria and germs to keep you safe from skin infections!

Pro-Tip- if you are disinfecting an item such as gloves or helmets make sure you spray inside the item as well.

Foaming Dry Wash

Anti3 Protect Series Foaming Dry Wash is ideal for use after a tough workout or match!

Pump solution onto hands. Administer to the skin as necessary specifically post workout or post-match. Use on your hands, arms, and legs to cleanse the skin or dirt and sweat when you do not have immediate access to a shower.

Pro-Tip- This is a great product to bring to your child's tournaments since they won't have time to shower between games!


Laundry Detergent

Anti3 Protect Series Laundry Detergent is perfect for refreshing and cleansing jerseys, uniforms, and other soft garments that you live an active lifestyle in.

Using the measuring cup put the necessary amount of detergent into the washing machine with clothing you wish to cleanse. The Laundry Detergent is safe for use in all washing machines.

Pro-Tip- Use the Laundry Detergent on everyday clothing as well as sports clothes!

Disinfecting Concentrate Cleaner

Anti3 Protect Series Concentrate Cleaner is ideal for use on large surfaces such as boxing rings, wrestling mats, turf fields, and more!

Pour one 2 oz. of the Concentrate to one gallon of water into a Pump Sprayer. Spray the solution onto the surface you wish to deodorize and disinfect. Be sure to thoroughly wet the entire surface area. Let the solution dry completely before using again.

Pro-Tip- Use the Pump Sprayer to ensure that you cover the whole surface and to use the formula as efficiently as possible!