Fundraising Opportunities

Fundraisers for Sports Teams, Athletes and Associations

Team sports are a special part of every kid’s childhood, but the expenses can add up fast. See how our easy fundraising idea helps teams like yours raise money for their expenses like gear, travel, field and court time and more. Our Anti3 team is always here to help children and adults raise money for there travels, equipment, dinners and more. We will provide you with all the material you will need to complete your goal. With our new program we make it more profitable for everyone. We don't' give 5% or 15% back... we give you our wholesale pricing. Our Fundraisers options.
  1. ANTI3  #1: Online Promo Code
  2. ANTI3  #2: Event Sales Program
  3.  ANTI3  #3: Teams Sales Program
  4. ANTI3  #4: The Ultimate Package
  5. ANTI3  #5: The Winner Package