Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Anti3 Protect Series and other products similar to the market?
Anti3 Protect Series utilizes similar ingredients that are used as cleansers in hospital and healthcare establishments. Anti3 Protect Series wants to bring the same protection against germs to the athletic community.
Is the entire Anti3 Protect Series line organic or just the Hair and Body Wash?
Aside from the Dry Wash Foam, the ingredients in allAnti3 Protect Series products are naturally plant derived.
I am a girl can I use the Anti3 Protect Series Line?
ABSOLUTELY! We have numerous females using all of our products. We have a lot of customers that utilize it for yoga, cross-fit and gymnastics.
Should I or my child only useAnti3 Protect Series if someone they know has a staph or skin infection?
No,Anti3 Protect Series prevents skin infections, thereby reducing the risk of cross-infection but it helps if they are already usingAnti3 Protect Series on a regular basis to further eliminate risk. Skin infections are common in contact sports, such as wrestling and mixed martial arts andAnti3 Protect Series is being used by these athletes to help prevent these infections.
Is Anti3 Protect Series only for athletes and athletic facilities?
Not at all. We have a lot of teachers, health care professionals, corrections officers and elderly people purchasing our products, especially the Hair and Body Wash. We have also received thank you letters from construction workers who are now free of athletes foot because of our Disinfecting Deodorizing Equipment Spray(for their boots) and Body Wash. Anyone that is at risk of contracting a skin infection, has a low immune system or works in a public place with a lot of germs should definitely utilize our products.
Do I need a prescription to buy Anti3 Protect Series?
No, Anti3 Protect Series is available over the counter at drug stores, as well as major retailers and gyms
Why doesAnti3 Protect Series Hair and Body Wash not lather like other soaps?
In most other soaps lather is caused by sulfates. Anti3 Protect Series Hair and Body Wash is sulfate free. Why is this important? Sulfates have been linked to dry hair and scalp and even cancer. Dr. Rebecca Baxt, a New York-based dermatologist, explained switching to a sulfate-free formula if you have allergies, eczema or find your current shampoo irritating to the scalp can help.
What is the difference betweenAnti3 Protect Series Hair and Body Wash and Dry Wash Foam?
The Dry Wash is meant to be used in situations when there are no access to showers or you want to sanitize quick after touching something suspicious, being in a public area or before you eat. The Dry Wash does not need to be rinsed off. The Hair and Body Wash is to be used in the shower after training or competition and rinsed off completely.
Does Anti3 Protect Series have any clinical proof of its claims?
Yes. We have lab results proving the effectiveness of our Disinfecting Deodorizing Equipment Spray. Anti3 Protect Series performed an independent study last year with 60 wrestlers. For details please look at our clinical information under the education tab. We are in the process of testing our other products as well. There are also numerous independent clinical studies showing the effectiveness of Tea Tree Oil as an antibacterial, anti-fungal and antimicrobial.
There are many soaps that contain similar ingredients to Defense Soap what is different about the ingredients in Defense Soap?
Defense Soap is a full 2% of our active ingredients. Many companies will add .1% of an ingredient to make a claim. Defense Soap is 20 times stronger than these soaps.
Is Anti3 Protect Series safe to use on sensitive skin?
Anti3 Protect Series is safe to be used on all types of skins and formulated for daily use. Anti3 Protect Series is antiallergenic.
Can I findAnti3 Protect Series in stores?
Anti3 Protect Series is currently available in many gyms such as Retro, Crunch and World Gym, health and nutrition stores, some sporting goods stores, and online.
What is the difference betweenAnti3 Protect Series Dry Wash and body wipes and other similar products?
Body wipes don’t always get in all the creases of the body, still leaving you exposed to infection. The foam easily spreads to all parts of your body. Most of the time you will need multiple wipes making the application process more cumbersome and time consuming. A few pumps ofAnti3 Protect Series Dry Wash Foam will get most of the parts your are looking to cover.
How long will a bottle of Anti3 Protect Series last?
That all depends on the product. On Average a 16 oz bottle of Hair&Body Wash will last about 30 showering sessions. A 16oz Equipment Spray will last approximately 2-3 months depending on the frequency of use and the amount of equipment you are spraying. The Laundry detergent will make about 30 loads of laundry.
Does Anti3 Protect Series offer wholesale pricing?
Yes,Anti3 Protect Series will offer wholesale pricing to stores, gyms that become retailers. For more information contract us,
Can Anti3 Protect Series be utilized for fundraising programs?
Yes,Anti3 Protect Series can be a valuable resource for fundraising. For more information visit the fundraising link or email us at
Is there a return policy for Anti3 Protect Series?
Our policy is simple. If you are not 100% satisfied we will buy our products back from you. If you receive a package that is damaged, we will replace the item and send you a return box to ship the damaged item back.

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