Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Anti3 Protect Series and other similar products on the market?
Anti3 Protect Series contains similar ingredients to those that are used as cleansers in hospitals and healthcare establishments. Anti3 Protect Series wants to bring the same protection against germs to the athletic community. Our products including the Concentrate and Equipment Spray are EPA registered unlike most other products on the market.
Is the entire Anti3 Protect Series line organic or just the Hair and Body Wash?
Some of Anti3 Protect Series products contain some naturally derived ingredients including the Foaming Dry Wash, but the Hair and Body Wash is the only organic product.
Should I only use Anti3 Protect Series if someone they know has a staph or skin infection?
No, Anti3 Protect Series prevents skin infections, thereby reducing the risk of cross-infection but it helps if they are already using Anti3 Protect Series on a regular basis to further eliminate risk.
Is Anti3 Protect Series only for athletes and athletic facilities?
Not at all. People of all ages and professions are using our products to protect themselves from bacteria, fungus, and other germs.
Why does Anti3 Protect Series Hair and Body Wash not lather like other soaps?
In most other soaps, lather is caused by sulfates. Anti3 Protect Series Hair and Body Wash is sulfate-free. Why is this important? Sulfates have been linked to dry hair and scalp and even cancer. However, the body wash is best used with a loofa and will help create more of a lather.
What is the difference between Anti3 Protect Series Hair and Body Wash and Dry Wash Foam?
The Dry Wash is meant to be used in situations when there is no access to showers or when you want to sanitize quick after a workout or on the go. The Dry Wash does not need to be rinsed off. The Hair and Body Wash is to be used in the shower after training or competition and should be rinsed off completely.
Is Anti3 Protect Series safe to use on sensitive skin?
Anti3 Protect Series is safe to be used on all skin types and formulated for daily use. The Foaming Dry Wash and the Hair and Body Wash are antiallergenic, however, you should not be putting the Concentrate or Equipment Spray directly on your skin.
How long will a bottle of Anti3 Protect Series last?
That all depends on the product. On Average a 16oz bottle of Hair & Body Wash will last about 30 showers. A 16oz Equipment Spray will last approximately 2-3 months depending on the frequency of use and the amount of equipment you are spraying. The Laundry detergent will make about 40 loads of laundry. The Concentrate Formula should be used by mixing 1-2 oz. with 1 gallon of water in turn making 64-128 gallons of cleaner.
Does Anti3 Protect Series offer wholesale pricing?
Yes, Anti3 Protect Series offers wholesale pricing to stores and gyms that become retailers.
Is there a return policy for Anti3 Protect Series?
Our policy is simple. If you are not 100% satisfied we will buy our products back from you. If you receive a package that is damaged, we will replace the item and send you a return box to ship the damaged item back.
Why can't I just use bleach?
Bleach is not as effective because it doesn't kill mold/fungus. It is also very corrosive and will fade and dry out the equipment and mats.
The label has warnings on it, is it still safe for me to touch?
Yes. As a standard and EPA requirement we must put these warnings on labels. We do recommend washing your skin if it comes into contact with the Equipment Spray or Concentrate. Surfaces treated with these products should also be dry before it comes into contact with skin.
I use wipes, isn't that good enough?
Wipes tend to dry out and become ineffective. They also don't penetrate the crevices of mats and equipment.
What's the difference between your foam and Purell?
Our Dry Wash has moisturizing agents in it so your skin doesn't dry out. When your skin is dry it becomes more susceptible to infection.
My equipment has always had a stench. Will Anti3 Protect Series still be effective?
Yes. Anti3 Protect Series products are extremely effective in removing odors. It may take a couple sessions of cleaning to fully rid your equipment of the stench, but Anti3 Protect Series offers great smelling products that are sure to get your equipment smelling great again.
Do I really need to clean indoor turf?
Absolutely. Turf, like gym floors gets all sorts of bodily fluids on it. Germs will fester inside the turf if not cleaned.
Does the concentrate leave a residue or create a slippery surface?
It was formulated for these types of mats; as long as you are following the directions of use then your mats will be residue-free and will not be slippery

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