Dry Winter Skin And How It Can Cause Skin Infections

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January 10, 2018
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Dry Winter Skin And How It Can Cause Skin Infections

Dry Skin And Skin Infections

Dreaming of warmer weather? You aren’t the only one. Most people would agree that the winter is unpleasant, uncomfortable, and does horrors to your skin. Winter weather steals all the moisture out of your skin and besides being immensely uncomfortable, dry cracked skin can also make you more prone to skin infections.

Itchy back, legs, arms, and chapped lips are all a sign of the harsh winter air. While this may seem like just a superficial problem, it can actually go much deeper. When your skin is dry you become more susceptible to contracting a skin infection because bacteria can enter through breaks in the skin easily. This is why it is essential to consistently moisturize your skin. Some tips for moisturizing include, using lotions with a thicker consistency, moisturizing as soon as you get out of the shower, and taking lukewarm showers rather than hot.

Having dry skin during the winter months may discourage people from using sanitizers or frequently washing their hands. However, winter time is also cold and flu season, which means disinfecting is just as important as keeping skin moisturized. Unlike other sanitizers on the market, Anti3 Protect Series offers a product that will cleanse your skin and leave you moisturized and refreshed. Anti3 Protect Series also offers an Organic Hair and Body Wash that is formulated to give you a deep clean without drying your skin out.

If you are consistently moisturizing while using products that will not dry your skin out then you can not only avoid the discomfort of dry skin but also diminish the chances of contracting a skin infection.