To Help Prevent Covid-19 Disinfect These Areas

To Help Prevent Covid-19 Disinfect These Areas

Whether it be around your home, office or gym, it is essential that you disinfect areas that come into contact with people the most. According to some studies, viruses such as Covid-19 can live on surfaces for long periods of time, which means that if you were to come into contact with these surfaces you are putting your health at risk.

Doorknobs - The most commonly touched surfaces are door handles. We often grab them to enter a room without even thinking about the amount of bacteria and germs that can be lurking. On top of this, most people don’t even think to disinfect their door handles throughout their house or at the office.

Staircase Bannisters - How often do you touch the banister as you climb or descend staircases? How often do you think these are being disinfected? Once you think about how many people slide their hand on the staircase banister, it is clear that these surfaces can become infested with germs and bacteria.

Faucets and other bathroom fixtures - A commonly known high-bacteria area is the bathroom. Toilets are flushed and faucets are turned on with unwashed hands helping to breed bacteria and viruses.

Chairs and Armrests -  If you have a computer chair in your house or at work then the armrests could be a bacteria breeding ground.

Overall, if you touch a surface often then it should be disinfected to prevent the spread of germs, bacteria and viruses.


How to disinfect these high-contact areas:

Using an EPA registered disinfectant such as Anti3 Protect Series Disinfectant Spray, spray the surface of what you would like to disinfect, coating it completely. Let air dry or gently wipe down with a paper towel.