Maintaining Mental And Emotional Health During A Pandemic

Maintaining Mental And Emotional Health During A Pandemic

As we continue to quarantine and maintain social distance, advice on how to prevent the spread of Covid-19 is everywhere. We are told to wash our hands frequently and cover our face in public, but what about the mental and emotional toll that this “new normal” is having on people? Whether you were laid off from your job or are simply isolated from friends and family, the reality of this pandemic is laying heavy on most people’s mental and emotional state.

One way to cope with the impact on your mental and emotional health is to stay in contact with people you aren’t quarantined with. Take this time to reach out to people you normally wouldn’t. Staying social in any way possible can help you feel less isolated.

If you are quarantined with your family then take advantage of this time to bond with them. It is unlikely that we will get this much free time to spend with our children, spouse, parents or siblings again so take advantage and spend quality time with them.

Pick up some new hobbies. Whether you want to start a garden, do a puzzle or finish that book you’ve set to the side, keeping your mind busy is key to not succumbing to mental and emotional strain. 

Keep your mind sharp. If you were laid off from your job and your job requires a skill, keep honing that skill. Not only will this keep you busy, but it will ensure you don’t lose your touch when it’s time to go back to work.

Although this pandemic has created unforeseen struggles for many, it is important to look at this as an opportunity to open communication with someone you haven’t had the chance to speak to in a while, pick up a new hobby or hone your skills. By doing so you can minimize the chances of experiencing mental and emotional strain.