How Anti3 Protect Series Can Help Prevent You From Getting Covid-19

How Anti3 Protect Series Can Help Prevent You From Getting Covid-19

As reported cases continue to grow exponentially throughout the world, Covid-19 is creating a global pandemic that may not see an end for months to come. Now more than ever, it is essential for the public to utilize proper hygiene as well as cleaning products that are deemed effective by the CDC. These CDC recommendations include washing your hands, maintaining social distance and using EPA registered disinfectants.

Anti3 Protect Series products are EPA registered disinfectants meaning they are certified effective against Covid-19 as well as a wide array of other viruses. These products include our Disinfecting Spray – EPA REG. NO. 6836-152-91570 and our Disinfecting Concentrate Cleaner – EPA REG. NO. 6836-75-91579.

You can use our Disinfecting Spray to clean and disinfect nonporous surfaces such as desks, chairs, tables, athletic equipment, vinyl and plastic upholstery. Our disinfecting spray is easy-to-use, all you have to do is spray on the item you wish to rid of viruses, bacteria and other germs then let it air dry before use.

Our Disinfecting Concentrate Cleaner is ideal for larger surfaces such as floors, walls, finished woodwork, gym floors, wrestling mats, shower floors, turf fields and more. Simply pour 2 oz. of Concentrate Cleaner to one gallon of water into a pump sprayer and spray over the entirety of the surface then let it air dry before use.

Anti3 Protect Series products are ideal for use in your home, at the office, in schools and at gyms where viruses and germs can easily spread from one person to another.

Overall, it is important to abide by the CDC recommendations so if you feel your home or facility may have been exposed to the virus then Anti3 Protect Series can help you take the preventative measures necessary to keep you, your family and the rest of the public healthy and safe.

For more information about disinfecting from the CDC visit:

More information about Anti3 Protect Series: Our products are EPA CERTIFIED EFFECTIVE AGAINST COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS Plus Staph, MRSA, Influenza A, SARS and Norovirus. Anti3 Protect Series was formulated to be the ultimate protection against a wide spectrum of virulent microorganisms, including COVID-19 Coronavirus, MRSA, Influenza A, SARS and Norovirus. It comes in a convenient spray for all home and office surfaces and equipment, as well as a concentrate disinfectant for large areas, floors and facilities.