Anti3 Protect Series partners with State Wars Hockey

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January 21, 2015
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Fox Business Release Article on Anti3 Protect Series Made for Athletes
January 26, 2015

Anti3 Protect Series partners with State Wars Hockey

State Wars Hockey is proud to announce a new partnership with their newest sponsor Anti3 Protect Series.  Designed to cleanse, defend, and protect, Anti3 Protect Series is formulated for today’s athletes and a perfect partner for State Wars Hockey. “We all want the best for our kids and ourselves, part of that is staying clean and healthy. In today’s world there are so many issues with fungal diseases and skin infections.  We need to insure that all of our players are kept safe and healthy, Anti3 Protect Series is all about that” said State Wars Hockey President Tim McManus.

We had a chance to sit down with the owners of Anti3 Protect Series, Chris Ferrara and Dean Spinato and talk about their amazing products and help educate our customers about why they should be using them!  Please check out our in depth interview below and to learn more about Anti3 check out their website

Dean-Spinato-and-Chris-Ferrara--e1422035555622SWH : What made you decide to create such a product? 

Ferrara : I have been coaching wrestling and playing hockey for a while now and started to see that skin infections were getting more serious.  Fungal infections such as athletes foot and jock itch were always pretty common but now we have to worry about staph/mrsa and mat herpes.  What really sparked me to start researching solutions was when a wrestler from Long Island had almost died from a mrsa infection.

SWH : What does Anti 3 mean? 

Ferrara : Anti3 stands for Antimicrobial, Antibacterial and Anti fungal.

SWH : Tell us about your products?  What are your best sellers?  Which are most targeted towards hockey players?

Ferrara : We have a full line of products, unlike the few competitors we have in this space.  Depending on who you ask or what store you go to they will give you different answers as to our most popular but as a whole they all seem to sell equally.  Our Hair & Body Wash and Dry Wash are very popular amongst the wrestling and MMA community while the Equipment Spray seems to be a best seller for Hockey, lacrosse and football.  We are also getting a lot of orders from the yoga community for their mats.  Across the board though, moms seem to like the dry wash so they can apply it to their kids hands, arms and legs to make the car ride home a little more tolerable from the smell.

SWH : Today more than ever, health awareness is at the focal point of our society, what makes Anti3 so important for athletes young and old? 

Ferrara : As I mentioned earlier, skin infections seem to have gotten more serious, and even the severity of the flu, enterovirus and mumps sprouting up, Athletes are constantly in an environment that puts them at risk of contracting these infections.

SWH : Are there any harmful ingredients in any of your products?

Ferrara : No.  Everything has been formulated for daily use and have been plant derived.  Our Hair & Body Wash is even organic.
Have these products been approved by any major organizations? We are currently in the locker rooms of the Washington Capitals, Hershey Bears and Colorado Avalanche.  We are currently working on a few other NHL, NFL and baseball teams.

SWH : Are these products safe for children? 

Ferrara : Absolutely. 

SWH : Can these products be used on sensitive skin?

Ferrara : Yes.  Everything has been formulated with conditioning agents, so we won’t dry you out.

SWH : Can girls use these products as well?

Ferrara : Yes.  Our fragrances are neutral so they can be utilized by everyone.  We are very popular with gymnasts and crossfit trainers.

SWH : I understand you are both hockey players yourself, how do you think Anti3 benefits hockey players? 

Ferrara : We all know hockey players have a rep for being stinky.  Hockey hand is a notorious odor.  Aside from protecting against infection, we will help you smell good too!

SWH : Where can players or parents purchase your products?

Ferrara : We are available at many sporting goods stores such as Hockey Underground and Chase Hockey as well as online at our site and Amazon

SWH : There are so many “similar” products on the market, what makes Anti3 different or better? 

Ferrara : Anti3 has been tested by a lab and clinically proven to be effective on bacteria and fungus.  Our formulation will be effective without drying of the skin or masking of the problem.  Anti3 will eliminate odor and infection causing bacteria and fungus.

SWH : Dean, I know you have been to State Wars. What made you want to partner with State Wars Hockey?

Spinato : I truly believe that State Wars Hockey National Championship is the most reputable roller hockey event in the world. It brings together hockey players from all parts of North America and let’s them showcase their talent in a setting like non other. Tim has always been on the forefront of the hockey scene and by bringing Anti3 in to help protect his athletes at his events truly shows what a class act he and his organization are.

SWH : Are you excited at the opportunity to work with State Wars Hockey?

Spinato : Yes, My partner Chris and I are very excited to be apart of State Wars Hockey. We know that the State Wars great reputation, along with our clinically proven products, are a great fit.  We are happy that can contribute and bring even more value to the State Wars organization.

SWH : What events can we see you guys at these hockey season?

Spinato : We we be at all events staring in March 2015. We are proud to be apart of State Wars Hockey and we are thankful for becoming a sponsor.

SWH : Are your products made in the USA? 

Ferrara : Yes, our bottles and labels come out of Kentucky and our formulation is done here in New York.  We are very proud that we manufacture here in the states and we hope to keep growing so we can employ more Americans.

Thank you again to Chris and Dean from Anti3 for taking the time to sit down with us.  We are very excited to be working with Anti3 Protect Series and helping to educate families all around North America about how we can help protect all players from harmful bacterias.