Anti3 Protect Series Launches Laundry Detergent Provides Safe Wash

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January 14, 2015
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January 21, 2015

Anti3 Protect Series Launches Laundry Detergent Provides Safe Wash


Anti3 Protect Series launches laundry detergent that will provide a safe and clean wash.

Anti3 Protect Series laundry detergent is providing a safe and secured washing methods to athletes and others. The product is an effective all in one detergent that can be used by anyone to clean and freshen up socks, jerseys, wraps and many other soft undergarments in order to protect skin infection.

According to the sources, laundry detergent by Anti3 Protect Series is an ideal solution for washing wrestling clothes, crossfits, yoga cloths, football and gymnastics, hockey and gym cloths among others. The product is 100 percent safe for all washers. It is good for all kind of users including teachers, health care professionals, flight attendants, corrections officers, or anyone that frequently comes in the contact of germs.

Speaking to media, Christopher Ferrara, the CEO and founder of the Anti3 Protect Series said, “We have formulated this product to Cleanse, Defend, and Protect, for today’s athletes.”

Bacterial infections are very common at public places such as gym, schools, and more. Bacteria like staph, ringworm, athlete’s foot, jock itch and impetigo are caused by infections. Athlete’s foot is directly related to extra fungal and bacterial infections such as ringworm and jock itch. In order to stay away from these bacterial infections, it is very important to keep gym equipments and clothes used while indulging in a sport safe and cleaned with 100 percent secured product.

Anti3 Protect series Laundry detergent is powerful and effective anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal cleaning agent that can be used to clean all kinds of cloths. All products in the series are made to get maximum protection with the safety of organically derived people and pet-safe compounds. It is effective for cleaning undergarments, clothing and uniforms from bacteria and fungus to help keep users safe.

Anti3 Protect Series is projected to cleanse, put off and defend users from developing bacteria and fungus. Right now, the product is being used by a number of gyms, hockey rinks and athletes from all over the world.

About Anti3 Protect Series:

Anti3 Protect Series. Athletes, health & fitness professionals, doctors, nurses, teachers and more count on Anti3 Protect Series to do just that… protect.

Designed to Cleanse, Defend, and Prevent, Anti3 Protect Series is formulated for todays athletes. Providing the ultimate protection against skin infections and keeping everyone safe from potentially harmful environments, the post-training products are developed to keep the body clean and healthy.

Protects Against Skin Infection – Formulated For Today’s Athletes – Antimicrobial – Antifungal – Antibacterial

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