Anti3 Protect Series Launches Hair And Body Wash That Protects Against Skin Infections

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December 22, 2014
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January 1, 2015

Anti3 Protect Series Launches Hair And Body Wash That Protects Against Skin Infections


Anti3 Protect Series has launched a Hair and Body Wash product for skin infections. Anti3 Protect Series provides effective protection for various skin infections such as Ringworm, MRSA, Impetigo, Staph, Athlete’s Foot and more. The product is an organic cleanser made using all natural ingredients to give users the eventual cleanliness without drying out the hair or skin.

The hair and body wash from Anti3 Protect Series is helpful for all kinds of players as well as non athletes at risk of developing skin infections.

Anti3 Protect Series Hair & Body Wash is an organic and sulfate free, hospital grade soap. The formula is designed for daily use and won’t dry out the skin. Anti3 Protect Series provides the best protection against skin infections. Perfect for wrestlers, jiujitsu, cross-fit, MMA, gymnastics, cheerleaders, hockey, football and lacrosse players, or people highly susceptible to skin infections. Many chemo patients that find benefits in our soap. Anti3 Protect Series is also ideal for health care professionals, corrections officers, teachers, flight attendants or anyone that may come in frequent contact with germs.

Speaking to media, Dean Spinato Co Founder of the company said, “We all have the risk of exposure to staph, which usually sits on human skin but can turn very dangerous when it gets into the human bodies via a cut or scrape. Few years ago, the US news and world report also advised that gyms are on the greater risk of staph growth. People must make sure the equipment is clean and that the consumer should shower right after exercise.” He further added, “Anti3 Protect Series is effective for all kinds of skin infection and diseases that are caused by bacteria and fungus.”

About Anti3 Protect Series:

Anti3 Protect Series. Athletes, health & fitness professionals, doctors, nurses, teachers and more count on Anti3 Protect Series to do just that… protect.

Designed to Cleanse, Defend, and Prevent, Anti3 Protect Series is formulated for today’s athletes. Providing the ultimate protection against skin infections and keeping everyone safe from potentially harmful environments, the post-training products are developed to keep the body clean and healthy.

Protects Against Skin Infection – Formulated For Today’s Athletes – Antimicrobial – Antifungal – Antibacterial

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