Anti3 Protect Series Becomes A Sponsor At The 2018 Martial Arts Business Summit

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Anti3 Protect Series Becomes A Sponsor At The 2018 Martial Arts Business Summit

Anti3 Protect Series Press Release

Anti3 Protect Series is very honored and excited to be included as a sponsor at the Martial Arts Business Summit 2018 (MABS), which will be held March 22nd to the 23rd at the New York Mariott at the Brooklyn Bridge. This impressive summit brings together like-minded businesses and individuals who share their thought-provoking growth tactics in regards to the martial arts industry. Anti3 Protect Series is excited to show how our products can immensely benefit this dynamic industry.

The martial arts industry has been a prominent form of fitness for decades and only continues to grow and branch out. As this industry begins to evolve so should the way they clean equipment. With the use of mats and bags comes the spread of bacteria leaving martial arts clients vulnerable to dangerous skin infections including Staph, Mat Herpes, and MRSA. While equipment such as mats and bags can seemingly be hard to clean, Anti3 Protect Series makes it simple. Their easy-to-use Disinfecting Concentrate is a powerhouse in killing bacteria that lurks on mats, by using their Pump Sprayer this formula can be efficiently administered to equipment. For smaller pieces of equipment such as punching bags, Anti3 Protect Series Equipment Spray is EPA registered and easily sprays onto surfaces killing bacteria, fungus, and other germs.

Anti3 Protect Series also offers products that will help martial arts clients to disinfect when they aren’t on the mat. Formulated to cleanse skin after practice or in between matches, the Foaming Dry Wash is ideal for when a martial artist doesn’t have immediate access to a shower. When there is access to the shower, the Organic Hair & Body Wash is a gentle cleanser with naturally derived ingredients that will not dry skin out. The entirety of the Anti3 Protect Series line is a great way for those in the martial arts industry to cleanse themselves of harmful bacteria, germs, dirt, and grime that they may come into contact with.

More about MABS 2018- The Martial Arts Business Summit is the most thought-provoking, idea creating, mindset shifting event in history. It’s the event where big change happens for our industry. Movers and shakers take the stage and give groundbreaking, powerful advice on one thing: Growth It’s the business of martial arts – so it’s geared toward decision makers. In fact, based on the past 4 Martial Arts Business Summits we expect over 73% of the audience to have decision-making powers within their schools.

More about Anti3 Protect Series: Athletes, health & fitness professionals, doctors, nurses, teachers and more count on Anti3 Protect Series to prevent the infection of harmful bacteria, fungus or other germs. This line of antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal products is designed to Cleanse, Defend, and Prevent giving you ultimate protection against skin infections such as staph, ringworm, athlete’s foot, jock itch, and impetigo.